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Steven Marks (marksie1988 / totaldebug) maintains a large variety of open source content. This website catalogs it all.

About Steven Marks (marksie1988 / Total Debug)

Steven Marks is a Full Stack Systems Engineer and software developer from Leeds, England. He started developing small php apps back in 2001, Over recent years moving to Ansible / PowerShell / Python / JavaScript.

Project Maintenance Status

I maintain the below open source projects, and without some level of automation (and maybe a little sleep from time to time), it would be impossible for me to keep all the projects relevant.

I use a stale issue bot to clean up repository issues and PRs, and I also sometimes informally put a project into ‘maintenance only’ mode. That is indicated in the listings below using the following conventions:

Icon Description
Currently being developed.
Actively used and maintained.
! Maintenance and bugfixes only.
Not maintained.

Table of Contents

Python-based Projects

Name Test Status Maintained? Repository
pyarr Build Status GitHub
cloudflare-ddns   GitHub
pulsarr   GitHub

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Ansible Roles

Name Test Status Maintained? Repository
totaldebug.webhook Build Status GitHub
totaldebug.motd Build Status GitHub
totaldebug.hassio Build Status GitHub
totaldebug.minecraft Build Status GitHub
totaldebug.deluge Build Status GitHub

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Ansible Modules

Name Test Status Maintained? Repository
ansible-module-hassio   GitHub

Other Projects

Name Test Status Maintained? Repository
atomic-calendar-revive Build Status GitHub
home-assistant-config Build Status GitHub
dotfiles   GitHub

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This site was inspired by Jeff Geerling’s Ansible roles site.

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